Upcoming Webinar: The Fundamentals of TiO₂ in Coatings

Tuesday, June 2 at 2pm EDT

TiO2 is a key ingredient that enables brilliant whites, vibrant colors, and opacity in coatings, but how do different properties of various TiO2 grades affect paint properties like hiding power and film durability? Join us on June 2nd as Chemours Technical Fellow, Dr. Michael Diebold shares the fundamentals of TiO2 in paint formulations.

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • How paint properties are affected by various TiO2 grades
  • How to maximize the efficiency and performance of TiO2 in your coatings
  • A guide to the optimal pigment type by application

June 02, 2020

2:00 PM EDT

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Featured Speaker

An image of Chemours employee Mike Diebold.
Dr. Michael Diebold

Chemours Technical Fellow

Dr. Michael Diebold is an Inorganic Chemist with degrees from the University of Illinois and Texas A&M. Mike is currently a technical fellow at Chemours, with responsibilities including product and process development, and the study of fundamental properties of TiO₂. He has 10 patents and over 20 publications in the coatings field, including Application of Light Scattering to Coatings: A User’s Guide, a book on using TiO₂ in paints, and has given plenary lectures on four continents. He was recently awarded the Mattiello lectureship, which is the highest honor of the American Coatings Association, for technical contributions to the chemical industry.