Ti-Pure™ R-108

Cleaner, Brighter Whites That Last

Ti-Pure™ R-108 is a rutile titanium dioxide (TiO₂) pigment broadly used in demanding applications where discoloration, dispersion, photo-durability, and color formulation are critical.

Features and Benefits

Manufactured via a proprietary chloride process, Ti-Pure™ R-108 features:

  • Excellent dispersibility and processibility for use in highly loaded polyolfin masterbatch applications
  • Outstanding chemical discoloration resistance that keeps products looking like new for longer
  • Good photodurability that protects from UV light degradation
  • High opacity and blue undertone, which enables the formulation and manufacture of clean, brighter and colored parts.

Applications for Ti-Pure™ R-108

Ti-Pure™ R-108 is frequently found in:

  • Flexible and rigid packaging for food and non-food applications sensitive to discoloration (e.g., detergents)
  • Agricultural films

For more information, please see the Ti-Pure™ R-108 product information sheet.

Packaging and Handling

The packed density of TiO₂ grades directly affects package stacking stability. For recommendations on packaging and handling, please see the safe handling guidelines for FIBCs.