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Ti-Pure™ Solutions for Plastics

These TiO₂ rutile pigments are widely used in the plastics industry.

Ti-Pure™ R-104

This TiO₂ pigment helps develop bright white plastic with less pigment.

Ti-Pure™ R-900

This versatile TiO₂ pigment adds whiteness and brightness to interior paints.

Ti-Pure™ TS-6300

This select grade pigment offers better hiding power and brighter whiteness.

MERCOSUR Food Contact Status of Ti-Pure™ Titanium Dioxide Pigments

Ti-Pure™ titanium dioxide pigment grades R-101, R-103, R-104, R-105, R-350, R-706, R-900, R-902+ and R-960 are acceptable for plastic packaging materials for food contact uses in MERCOSUR countries, in accordance to to GMC Resolución Nº 15/10 and Brazil RDC Nº 52/2010.

What Your Durability Tests Aren't Telling You

Discover the impact of test methods and pigment selection on paint weatherability.

EU Declaration of Compliance for Food Contact Materials for Plastics

The Chemours Company, 1007 Market Street, Wilmington, DE 19801 USA, which manufactures and then imports the following products into the EU via Chemours Belgium BVBA, hereby declares that the composition of our products identified as: Ti-Pure™ Titanium Dioxide Pigments for Plastics Grade: R-350

Chemours REACH Letter - SVHC January 20th 2021

Subject: Absence of REACH Substances of Very High Concern in Ti-PureTM Titanium Dioxide Pigments

TS-6200 Titanium Dioxide

Ti-Pure™ TS-6200 is a rutile pigment manufactured via Chemour’s chloride process.

R-101 Titanium Dioxide

Ti-Pure™ R-101 is a rutile titanium dioxide pigment manufactured by the chloride process.