Ti-Pure™ White Papers and Case Studies

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Ti-Pure™ R-902 the Easy Choice

You asked for ease of dispersion and improved hiding power over a wide range of coatings systems. That’s why Chemours has introduced an improved, multi-purpose titanium dioxide for the coatings industry called Ti-Pure™ R-902+

Ti-Pure™ R-741 When Superior Tint Strength is Needed

Ti-Pure™ R-741 titanium dioxide flat-grade slurry when superior tint strength is needed

Formulation Freedom for masterbatch producers

Plastic films are everywhere in our lives. They are used to protect contents from spoiling, provide much needed shade for plants, hide the contents of packages for birthday surprises…the examples are endless!

Designed For Use In Polyolefins

In its many forms, plastic has forever changed the way we live.

Specifically designed for exterior plastics applications

Powerful ultraviolet rays from the sun constantly bombard the earth. Left unprotected, window shutters, roofing materials, architectural décor, leisure furniture, plastic agricultural storage bags, or other polyolefin outdoor products will crack, blister, or fade in the sun.

Uniquely suited for cool roofing membranes

When evaluating a roofing system, it is important to factor in the real life cycle costs. These include roof longevity, the cost and frequency of maintenance and the roof’s impact on building energy use.

Designed for use in most thermoplastic polymers

The wide variety of thermoplastic packaging applications range from yogurt cups, lotion bottles, and candy wrappers to t-shirt bags and frozen food packages to name just a few.

Outdoor Vinyl Fence and Railing

Consistent color, superior weathering and processibility are critical… to a fence manufacturer, and the choice of TiO₂ plays a decisive role.

Extending the life in window and door systems

Save energy and reduce plastic waste with Ti-Pure™ TiO₂ for Outdoor White & Colored Rigid PVC

Ti-Pure™ is the difference in ABS Systems for appliances

Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS), used in appliances, is a plastic that has added dimensions of performance.