Health & Wellness Innovation Platform

Facilitating health benefits

Ti-Pure™ products with the health & wellness designation feature improved health profiles and facilitate health benefits in downstream applications. The benefits may be seen in the specific raw material selection and pigment design, in material handling and use, and/or in application benefits that promote health and wellness.  From enabling paint formulations with that meet regulatory and Ecolabel requirements to enabling packaging that better preserves the nutritional value of foods (such as yogurt), our offerings contribute benefits to societal wellness while ensuring safety in their use.

We’re advancing health & wellness through:

  • Lower dusting grades that enhance worker safety and improve workplace cleanliness
  • Developing products with bio-based surface treatments that meet the evolving regulatory and ecolabel requirements for materials such as Ti-Pure™ TS-6700
  • Contributing to applications that enable nutrient preservation in food packaging and coatings with low or no VOCs
  • Working with other industries to address the evolving science around responsible material use that mitigates health risks

Ti-Pure™ Products with the Health & Wellness Designation:

Product Applications

Ti-Pure™ TS-6700

  • Interior and exterior architectural paints
  • Durable waterborne coating applications