Titanium Dioxide Solutions Across Industries

Tackling some of society’s greatest challenges through TiO₂ Innovation and Reliability

A wide range of industries depend on titanium dioxide (TiO₂) to improve product appearance, strength, durability, and performance. But did you realize TiO₂ also plays a key role in increasing material efficiency, protecting clean energy infrastructure, reducing water usage in agriculture, and enabling best-in-class products that can change the world?

Titanium dioxide offers a diverse range of protective and aesthetic solutions that enhance the materials with which it's manufactured and/or applied. This naturally occurring, nontoxic mineral adds whiteness, opacity and functionality to coatings and plastics used in many industries.

Chemours scientists continue to improve upon the world-leading formulations used in Ti-Pure™ solutions for brilliant paints, robust plastics, stylish laminates, and durable automotive and aerospace coatings.

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