Unparalleled Opacity from the Leader in Titanium Dioxide

Enhanced Tinting Strength, Processability, and Dispersion for Plastics

For more than 80 years, the Ti-Pure™ brand has been developing solutions for the plastics industry. Today, we’re continuing to do just that with our improved formulation of the popular benchmark grade for highly loaded masterbatches: Ti-Pure™ R-104 titanium dioxide (TiO₂).


This formulation was developed specifically to serve the needs of plastics manufacturers. We partnered with our customers and listened to the market to determine how we could best serve the needs of the plastics industry. The new Ti-Pure™ R-104 formula improves upon the already-exceptional performance of the previous formula, delivering higher tinting strength, superior processability, enhanced dispersion into polymers, and the clean, bright blue undertone that our customers have come to expect.

Download our white paper to learn how selecting the right grade of titanium dioxide can improve color formulation capability and color performance.


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