Frequently Asked Questions About Ti-Pure™ Solutions

What Is Ti-Pure™ Value Stabilization?

Ti-Pure™ Value Stabilization (TVS) is a strategic framework designed to create long-term value for our customers, Chemours, and other stakeholders in three ways:

  • Commercial: Building more stable customer-Chemours relationships to facilitate improved planning capability
  • Manufacturing: Providing improved manufacturing flexibility to absorb demand fluctuations. This is achieved by enabling regular capacity additions to support customer growth and allowing long-term supply security of high-quality titanium dioxide for our customers
  • Offerings: Delivering value from continuous investment in market insights and new offerings


How can I purchase Ti-Pure™ titanium dioxide from Chemours?

Chemours offers two options for direct purchases of Ti-Pure™ titanium dioxide: a short-term, non-contracted option through our Ti-Pure™ Flex portal or a long-term relationship via contract (Assured Value Agreement). If you are a small-volume buyer, you may find buying through our distribution network is the most convenient option.

What is the Ti-Pure™ Flex Portal?

The Ti-Pure™ Flex online portal is your one-stop shop for doing business with Chemours Titanium Technologies without a contract.

The Ti-Pure™ Flex portal will allow you to:

  • Obtain product pricing
  • Browse the product catalog
  • Place orders quickly
  • View order history and invoices
  • Check order status

Request access and gain a sneak peek of resources by visiting the Ti-Pure™ Flex portal. Once your access is approved, you will receive log-in credentials to get started.

What is a Ti-Pure™ Assured Value Agreement?

An Assured Value Agreement (AVA) allows for longer-term stability between Chemours and its customers with key features that include:

  • A long-term relationship based on a strong mutual commitment to reliably supply a fixed share of your titanium dioxide consumption
  • A stable pricing model determined by a global inflationary index and end-use value
  • A commitment to long-term joint value creation

Contact your regional customer service team to begin a discussion on an AVA.

How do I find product information?

You can access product information directly through the following links:

  • Products
  • Industries
  • Applications
  • Regulatory and Stewardship
  • Packaging and Handling

How do I request a sample?

You can request a sample by filling out a Request Form.

Where can I find other Ti-Pure™ sites?

We do business in more than 70 countries across the Americas, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. We have world-class manufacturing sites in the United States (New Johnsonville, TN, and Delisle, MS), Mexico (Altamira) and Taiwan (Kuan Yin), a distribution center in Belgium (Kallo), and customer service and technology centers across the globe. Our main headquarters is located in Wilmington, Delaware, USA.

How is Chemours contributing to the environmental and societal issues of today and the future?

We're dedicated to responsible chemistry—so much so that we're building it into the way we do business and the way we grow. Learn more about these initiative in our annual Corporate Responsibility Commitment report.

How do I contact Titanium Technologies?

Our customer service representatives are available to assist you. Please contact the representative in your region.