A Global Commitment to Health, Safety, and the Environment

The Chemours Company works to balance the global need for their products with the need to produce, distribute, and manage them responsibly.

Position Statements

We constantly strive to:

  • Focus on responsible chemistry
  • Promote health and safety
  • Live safely and protect people
  • Drive environmental responsibility
  • Engage stakeholders
  • Maintain strong standards, policies, and performance
  • Conduct business responsibly

This information is based on our current level of knowledge, and may be subject to revision as new knowledge and experience becomes available. Chemours makes no warranties and assumes no liability in connection with any use of this information. Since Chemours cannot be aware of all aspects of your business and the impact the REACH Regulation has for your company, Chemours strongly encourages you to familiarize yourself with the REACH Regulation to comply with its requirements and timelines.