Titanium Dioxide Solutions for Packaging

Ensuring Consistent, High-Quality Production Worldwide

Packaging carries a lot of responsibilities. It must:

  • Protect contents from contamination or degradation
  • Prevent damage during storage, transport, and display
  • Differentiate one product or brand from another

Packaging made with Ti-Pure™ has superior opacity, brightness, and structural properties.

Rigid and Flexible Packaging

The light-scattering properties of titanium dioxide (TiO₂) protects a container’s contents from the effects of UV light and heat. Packaging that contains TiO₂ also resists the effects of light degradation. Learn more about solutions for rigid and flexible packaging.

Ti-Pure™ TiO₂ products are safe and compliant with global food contact regulations. In flexible packaging, Ti-Pure™ titanium dioxide enables thinner films to reduce waste. Films for packaging require high levels of performance, and Ti-Pure™ products deliver opacity, color, and desired film quality in even the most demanding applications.

In both flexible and rigid packaging, plastics made with Ti-Pure™ titanium dioxide resist discoloration to maintain brighter colors and shelf appeal, helping drive consumer preference.

Learn more about how TiO₂ imparts qualities like opacity, chemical resistance, and protection from UV light to food and non-food packaging  and protects light-sensitive ingredients in medical packaging.