Ti-Pure™ R-105

Protection from Nature with Unsurpassed Durability

Ti-Pure™ R-105 is a rutile titanium dioxide (TiO₂) pigment, designed to extend the appearance and lifetime of outdoor plastic applications. It is the preferred choice for ultra-durable performance.

Features and Benefits

Manufactured via a proprietary chloride process, Ti-Pure™ R-105 features:

  • Ultra-durable performance to extend the lifetime of outdoor goods
  • High reflectivity that harnesses the power of light and maintains cool surfaces without deformation
  • Excellent bulk flow, ideal for storage and flow from silos
  • Maximum brightness for ultra white or light colors
  • Superior gloss retention so products look new longer 

Applications for Ti-Pure™ R-105

Ti-Pure™ R-105 is frequently found in:

  • Exterior plastic building products such as composite or vinyl siding, window profiles, decks, and fences
  • Cool roofing membranes
  • Durable exterior polyethylene or polypropylene films such as agricultural films

For more information, please see the Ti-Pure™ R-105 Product Information sheet.

Packaging and Handling

The packed density of TiO₂ grades directly affects package stacking stability. For recommendations on packaging and handling, please see the safe handling guidelines for FIBCs.