Titanium Dioxide Solutions for Footware & Apparel

A Dependable, Bright White Look for Performance Footwear

Footwear companies know that long-lasting, durable bright whites that don't fade or discolor are important for brand recognition and perceived quality. Especially with current fashion trends, a bright white sole is an essential aesthetic. For manufacturers, white-soled shoes convey performance and a lightweight fit.

Manufacturers who include a high-quality, blue-undertone titanium dioxide (TiO₂) in shoe soles can achieve an ultra-bright white outer sole that stays brighter and whiter for longer.

Ti-Pure™ provides superior TiO₂ pigments for the high-performance resins needed in shoe soles.

These high-quality Ti-Pure™ TiO₂ pigments:

  • Ensure shoes don’t mark up sensitive surfaces (e.g., gymnasium floors)
  • Enable companies to maintain brand recognition
  • Resist discoloration over the shoe's lifetime

Ti-Pure™ Solutions for Footwear and Apparel

When considering white pigments for resins in footwear, Ti-Pure™ R-103 offers:

  • Outstanding discoloration resistance that keeps products looking like new for longer
  • High opacity and blue undertone, which enables the formulation and manufacture of clean, brighter white and colored parts
  • The manufacture of clean, bright whites and vibrant colors