Titanium Dioxide Solutions for Medical and Personal Care

Enhancing and Protecting a Diverse Range of Medical and Personal Care Equipment, Packaging, and Products

Medical care products and equipment made of plastic materials must maintain a bright, white appearance and resist discoloration or deformation caused by UV light and severe temperature changes. A bright appearance helps these products look clean and new, which provides peace of mind to patients and their care providers.

Medical applications that utilize Ti-Pure™ titanium dioxide (TiO₂) for protection include:

  • Packaging for medical instruments and drugs
  • Medical and hygiene films like diapers, hospital gowns, and disposable changing pads
  • Medical equipment such as MRI machines

Benefits from Using Ti-Pure™ Solutions

Ti-Pure™ solutions for medical packaging are key for keeping packages opaque and highlighting clear, colorful messaging and graphics. Ti-Pure™ solutions for medical and hygiene films enable:

  • A high-level of hiding power
  • Excellent dispersion that enables downgauging
  • A bright white film that appears ultra-clean and new as a result of its blue undertone

Ti-Pure™ solutions for medical equipment provide:

  • The most efficient material to make equipment white in color without affecting the strength of the polymer used to make the machine
  • Increased resistance to thermal discoloration

Ti-Pure™ Solutions for Medical Care

Ti-Pure™ R-350 is a high-performance TiO₂ grade that is optimized to meet your needs in medical care.

This grade is ideal for:

  • Demanding applications with highly sensitive processing requirements (minimal defects, minimal impact to mechanical properties, thin films, etc.)
  • Maintaining maximum bright, clean white surfaces for the product’s lifetime
  • Discoloration resistance under severe conditions (temperature, chemical exposure, etc.)

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