Titanium Dioxide Solutions for Agriculture

Efficient, Effective Solutions for Agricultural Applications

Silo Bags

The journey from harvest to market is not always immediate. Sometimes, farmers must store crops until the market conditions are more optimal. Renting silo storage space, while an option, isn't always a feasible or affordable solution. Silo bags provide an alternative solution to store crops and protect against moisture, infestations, and rot.

A single silo bag can store approximately 200 tons of corn, soy, and other crops. These bags are designed to sit in the fields—exposed to all weather—for up to 24 months. Farmers depend on this durability; a silo bag's failure means destroyed crops and significant revenue loss.

Silo bag manufacturers use masterbatches made with high-quality Ti-Pure™ titanium dioxide (TiO₂) to produce an end product with enhanced reflectiveness, durability, and opacity that:

  • Keeps stored crops cool
  • Extends storage time
  • Helps resist UV radiation, thereby maintaining bag strength
  • Maintains opacity, reducing the temptation for birds and other wildlife to investigate what’s inside

Bale and Silage Wraps

Ranchers and farmers harvest and store silage for off-season use because they can't depend on year-round feed availability for their livestock. Unlike black silage wraps that absorb heat, bright white bale and silage wraps made with Ti-Pure™ TiO₂:

  • Keep grasses and grains cool
  • Promote fermentation
  • Prevent decomposition

Mulch Films

Mulch films must withstand the elements without decaying or failing. When manufacturers use Ti-Pure™ TiO₂ in their plastic films, they reduce waste by creating thinner, more reflective mulch films that resist UV degradation.

Unlike films made with darker colors, mulch films made with Ti-Pure™ TiO₂ won't overheat plants and roots. The white pigment reflects sunlight and reduces evaporation, which also helps conserve water.

The Ti-Pure™ Solution

There's always a Ti-Pure™ product that's right for your needs.





  • Ultra-durable performance
  • High reflectivity that maintains coolness
  • Excellent bulk flow