4 Questions to Ask Your TiO₂ Provider To Mitigate Supply Chain Uncertainty

When planning for the next supply disruption, procurement professionals should ask their TiO₂ suppliers these questions

As supply chain disruptions rise in frequency and severity around the globe, procurement professionals at coatings producers have no choice but to plan for the worst.

Major events have significantly disrupted the availability of materials in nearly every industry. Recently, ongoing freight shipping issues, labor shortages, and natural disasters have applied additional pressure on supply chains that were already constrained due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

These supply shortages can halt production, lead to missed orders, deteriorate customer relationships, damage brands, and negatively impact revenue for coatings producers. In fact, multiple force majeures caused by events such as Hurricane Ida have led multiple coatings manufacturers to lower their revenue targets for 2021.

In this environment, procurement officers must take steps today to prepare for the next inevitable supply interruption.

The first step in doing so is working with a reliable TiO₂ supplier that can consistently deliver necessary materials in today’s supply constrained environment. In this white paper, Chemours experts outline four questions procurement professionals should ask their TiO₂ suppliers when planning for the next supply disruption.

Download this whitepaper to uncover the four questions.