Titanium Dioxide Solutions for Laminates

Enabling Custom Color and Design for Flooring and Furniture

Laminate manufacturers need papers, foils, and print-based applications that have:

  • Good opacity and hiding power
  • Light stability and color retention
  • Optimal titanium dioxide (TiO₂) efficiency
  • Bluish-white, high brightness with excellent hiding that results in even color and formation

The Ti-Pure™ solution for laminates reduces downtime and keeps production lines running smoothly by ensuring a consistent product with minimal variation from reel-to-reel. Retention also enables high levels of paper runnability with minimized paper web breaks.

Ti-Pure™ R-796+

This laminate-grade TiO₂ enhances opacity and color retention. Its surface treatment also makes Ti-Pure™ R-796+ compatible with a wide range of water chemistries. Learn more about Ti-Pure™ R-796+.

Ti-Pure™ Laminates Applications



Ti-Pure™ R-796+

  • High- and low-pressure decor papers
  • Decorative foils
  • Print-based applications
  • Laminate flooring and furniture
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