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Customer-Centered Innovation: Driving Plastics Processing Performance While Improving Profits And Ensuring Sustainability

Driving Plastics Processing Performance while Improving Profits and Ensuring Sustainability Through Holistic, Customer-Centered Innovation

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How TiO₂ Innovation Can Advance Worldwide Plastic Sustainability

Advance plastics sustainability with these three ways

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How Does Your TiO₂ Supplier Stack UP?

These are traits you should consider when choosing a titanium dioxide supplier.

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What Your Durability Tests Aren't Telling You

Discover the impact of test methods and pigment selection on paint weatherability.

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TiO₂: Critical for Producing Super Durable Coatings in Today’s High-Pressure Market

Formulators creating durable coatings for industrial applications are under more pressure than ever before.

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White Walls, Green Impact: The Connection Between Wall Color and Energy Reduction

As businesses and homeowners seek new ways to lower their property's energy costs and impact on the environment, there is one often overlooked, yet simple tactic that almost every building can benefit from: painting interior walls white.

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Remove2Reclaim: Rethinking Plastic Recycling To Achieve True Circularity

It’s no secret that plastic recycling has revolutionized our society’s ability to improve the circularity of our economy and the sustainability of our planet.

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Uncovering a Critical Missing Piece of the Coatings Durability Equation

Maximizing a coating's durability is a complex equation that must account for multiple factors.

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Top Trends in the Plastics Industry Stemming from Global Megatrends

Learn about new trends shaping the plastics industry and how titanium dioxide plays a role.

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Influence of Paint Quality on the Environment

How paints with highly treated grades of TiO₂ can have lower cradle-to-grave carbon footprint