Ti-Pure™ Solutions for Rigid and Flexible Packaging

Safely Preserving and Protecting Contents with High-Quality Packaging

Multiple industries rely on thermoplastic packaging, which includes food containers for yogurt, sour cream, and candy wrappers, frozen food packages, shopping bags, personal care packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, and much more.

The inherent properties of titanium dioxide (TiO₂) impart clean, bright whites and make color more vibrant to ensure every container has eye-popping shelf appeal.

Rigid Packaging

Rigid packaging is designed to protect its contents, and because some rigid plastic containers hold chemicals, it’s important that it isn’t affected by corrosive materials like bleach. Many chemicals can taint the container’s color, and a yellowed or discolored container looks unappealing to customers.

Titanium dioxide (TiO₂) provides rigid packaging color stability to maintain the packages' initial bright color and appeal for the entire shelf life. Thanks to its exceptional light-scattering properties, TiO₂ also maintains packaging's opacity, which protects the contents stored inside from degradation caused by light exposure.

Flexible Packaging

As the demand for thinner packaging grows, downgauging remains an integral part of the manufacturing process. Because imperfections are more visible in thinner materials, packaging opacity becomes critical. Ti-Pure™ TiO₂ enables the manufacture of very thin films that still achieve high levels of performance and opacity in flexible packaging to allow lighter-weight packaging and reduce waste. Flexible packaging requires TiO₂ that:

  • Yields consistent results in each production batch
  • Protects against light degradation
  • Creates bright whites and colors for shelf appeal that doesn't fade over time

Flexible packaging also offers more freedom with customization, due to the whiteness, opacity, and excellent dispersion.

Learn more about Ti-Pure™ for food packaging and medical packaging.

Packaging Recycling

Ti-Pure™ TiO₂ is suitable for reuse and recycling. Ti-Pure™ thermally stable pigments are not discolored or degraded during cleaning or processing for package reuse. Additionally, TiO₂ does not degrade in recycling processes currently in use, so it can be part of recycled packages. Learn more about plastic packaging life cycle.

The Ti-Pure™ Solution

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Rigid Packaging

Flexible Packaging



  • Outstanding chemical discoloration resistance
  • High opacity
  • Blue undertone
  • Excellent dry-blend dispersion for chalking PVC applications
  • Photo-durability that protects against UV damage




  • Superior opacification
  • Outstanding dispersion performance
  • Blue undertone
  • Excellent Lacing resistance
  • Good compatibility with polymers for masterbatch loading




  • Excellent lacing resistance enabling downgauging
  • Outstanding chemical and thermal discoloration resistance
  • Unmatched dispersion
  • Blue undertone