Packaging Selection Boosts Product Value

Choosing the Right Product Packaging Can Improve CPG Food Marketing

When it comes to consumer packaged goods (CPG), packaging serves as a canvas for your brand — and ensuring shelf appeal is an important factor to attracting consumers to your product.

Beyond aesthetics, it's even more critical that packaging preserves food's freshness and quality, protects its nutrient content, and maintains its flavor. Together, these elements add more value to your brand offering and increase your bottom line.

85% of consumers said their expectations were impacted by packaging

The materials your product packaging uses help garner customers’ interest and ultimately earn their trust. Of the different types of plastic packaging, opaque plastics made with high-quality TiO₂ pigments can significantly impact consumer expectations, product promotions, brand recognition, product freshness, and the efficacy of active ingredients.

This white paper explains how using high-quality TiO₂ — which are the predominant source of opacity in plastic for product packaging — can help prevent light exposure that can degrade vitamin content and negatively affect flavor, appearance, taste, and smell. You'll also learn how using opaque plastic packaging made with high-quality TiO₂ is more efficient from a manufacturing standpoint and leaves a smaller environmental footprint.

Download our packaging selection white paper to learn about how the benefits of superior plastic packaging can better present and preserve a food product, ultimately driving value and increasing sales.