Titanium Dioxide Solutions for Paints & Coatings

A Range of Products to Enhance Coatings' Performance

Ti-Pure™ titanium dioxide for paints & coatings enables superior performance, appearance, and easier application. Coatings formulated with Ti-Pure™ deliver superior performance across a variety of applications. Architectural coatings achieve excellent hiding power, a smooth finish, and brighter colors and cleaner whites that last. Industrial coatings achieve high levels of durability and UV resistance, maintain gloss and appearance, and protect valuable assets in any environment.

Titanium Dioxide for Coatings

Titanium dioxide (TiO₂) is the most important white pigment used in the coatings industry. It is widely used because it efficiently scatters visible light, thereby imparting whiteness, brightness and opacity when incorporated into a coating. Titanium dioxide is commercially available in two crystal structures—anatase and rutile. Rutile TiO₂ pigments are preferred because they scatter light more efficiently, are more stable and are more durable than anatase pigments.

Titanium dioxide pigments are insoluble in coating vehicles in which they are dispersed; accordingly, performance properties, e.g., chemical, photochemical, and physical characteristics, are determined principally by the particle size of the pigment and the chemical composition of its surface. Most commercial grades of titanium dioxide have inorganic and in some cases organic surface treatments. Inorganic surface modifiers most often are precipitated coatings of alumina and silica, which are meticulously controlled for type, amount, and method of deposition.

These inorganic surface treatments provide improvements in one or more important performance properties such as dispersibility in water and in a range of organic liquids, hiding power efficiency, chalk resistance, and resistance to discoloration by heat and/or photoreduction. Organic surface treatments can enhance the dispersibility of the pigment in selected coatings systems. Numerous grades are produced with varying combinations of surface treatment to maximize value-in use in a variety of coatings formulations.

It is inappropriate to equate superior performance of TiO₂ pigment in paint with high TiO₂ analysis. For example, Ti-Pure™ titanium dioxide grades specified at 80–88% minimum TiO₂ content are markedly superior to higher content TiO₂ grades in hiding power efficiency in some highly pigmented flat paints.

Titanium Dioxide Uses

Titanium Dioxide for Paints

Gloss and Semigloss Paints

Ti-Pure™ R-900 is recommended for general use in alkyd and latex paints for interior gloss and semi-gloss applications. This pigment disperses easily, develops high gloss and shows maximum hiding power over a wide range of gloss grade applications.

Two multipurpose gloss grades, Ti-Pure™ R-706 and Ti-Pure™ R-902+, are recommended for use when a single pigment is required to perform well in both interior and exterior gloss and semi-gloss systems. R-706 is the ideal selection for applications requiring high gloss, maximum gloss retention and chalk resistance. Both R-706 and R-902+ will deliver bright, clean colors in tinted systems with R-706 providing a blue undertone and R-902+ providing a more neutral undertone.

For paint manufacturers capable of handling TiO₂ in aqueous slurry form, Ti-Pure™ R-706 and R-902+ are available as slurry grades, Ti-Pure™ R-746 and R-942 respectively.

Flat Paints

These coatings are formulated at relatively high levels of extenders and TiO₂ pigments, and are frequently above the critical PVC for interior applications. Ti-Pure™ Select TS-6300 is recommended for these applications. Because it is a highly surface-treated TiO₂ grade, TS-6300 will provide superior performance in this class of highly crowded paint systems.

Exterior Architectural Paints

In addition to normal criteria, selection of the proper Ti-Pure™ titanium dioxide grade for these coatings will depend upon the desired balance between gloss and tint retention, self-cleaning ability, and prevailing atmospheric conditions. For high gloss and maximum exterior durability in architectural coatings systems, Ti-Pure™ R-706 is recommended. Ti-Pure™ R-902+ is also highly chalk resistant; it performs well over a wide range of solvent-based and aqueous systems where tint retention is important. Both R-706 and R-902+ will deliver bright, clean colors in tinted systems with R-706 providing a blue undertone and R-902+ providing a more neutral undertone. Ti-Pure™ R-900 has medium chalk resistance and is preferred when dirt collection is a problem. These pigments can be used in both alkyd and emulsion paints.

Tinted house paints and both white and tinted trim paints require a high degree of chalk resistance and gloss retention. Ti-Pure™ R-706 is the ideal choice for emulsion trim paints because it provides maximum initial gloss and outstanding exterior durability. These last two properties result from lower PVC and generally better binder durability associated with exterior emulsion trim paints. Ti-Pure™ R-902+ also satisfies these requirements over a wide range of solvent-based and aqueous systems.

Ti-Pure™ Select TS-6300 performs well in selected exterior white latex house paints, following reformulation to accommodate the higher surface area of the pigment, and to maintain film integrity. When exterior durability is desired in a flat paint, R-902+ is also highly recommended.

Titanium Dioxide for Finishes

Industrial Finishes

Industrial finishes include a variety of market subsegments such as automotive finishes, powder coatings, coil and can coatings, and maintenance paints. Each has substantially different quality and performance requirements. TiO₂ is used primarily to provide hiding or opacity, but grade selection can also have a significant effect on coating gloss, exterior durability and, for acid catalyzed coatings, film cure. The TiO₂ grade most appropriate for a particular application depends on the end-use coating properties it affects.

Automotive OEM and Refinish Coatings

Automotive coatings are among the most demanding applications for TiO₂ pigments. Proper selection of pigment grades is critical to optimize:

  • Manufacturing and application processes.
  • Mechanical and chemical integrity.
  • Aesthetics, which are required for today’s automotive coating systems.

Several Ti-Pure™ grades are available for automotive coating applications, offering both Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and refinish formulators a selection of the desired combination of properties.

Electrodeposition Primers

Ti-Pure™ R-900 is ideally suited for electrodeposition primer applications. R-900 provides easy dispersion, excellent hiding, high resistivity, and low soluble ion content that provides excellent application properties and high corrosion resistance.


TS-6200 combines high gloss and distinctness of image with excellent resistance to weathering for high-quality OEM and refinish topcoats. TS-6200 and R-960 are the most durable Ti-Pure™ pigments available, making them also ideal for OEM and refinish applications.


Optimization of optical and mechanical properties of an automotive coating depends on properly dispersed pigment. Choosing a pigment that is ideally suited for each coating system is critical to maximizing coating performance. The fast wet-in and easy dispersion properties of TS-6200 can provide increased throughput in manufacturing operations.

Powder Coatings

The continuing emergence of powder coatings as a significant and high growth market segment has led to the development of thousands of specific formulations from only a handful of primary resin/crosslinking systems. Technological advances have been based primarily on developments and improved understandings in resin chemistry. Recently, the influence of TiO₂ in powder coating systems has been explored, allowing formulators to select pigments with varying chemical and physical properties. Several Ti-Pure™ grades are available to optimize processing and end-use performance of specific powder formulations.

Flow and Optics

Ti-Pure™ R-706 provides easy dispersion, high-cure flowability (which yields decorative coatings of high gloss and reflectance) and increased opacity. These properties combined with high durability performance make R-706 suitable for both interior and exterior use.


TS-6200 is the most durable Ti-Pure™ pigment available and is suggested for use in systems such as triglycidyl isocyanurate (TGIC) and Primid cured polyesters where outdoor weatherability is of primary concern.

Overbake Yellowing Resistance

Both Ti-Pure™ R-960 and R-900 provide excellent resistance to overbake yellowing during cure.

Other Industrial Uses

All Ti-Pure™ grades are commonly used in industrial coatings. The performance differences in these grades are determined by their surface treatment, particle size and particle size distribution. Silica provides exterior durability (chalk resistance and gloss retention). Alumina provides ease of dispersion and flocculation resistance. Smaller particle size, narrower particle size distribution and smaller particle coarse tail contribute to the superior gloss of R-706. Although high hiding is important in all coatings, grade choice often depends on the level of gloss and exterior durability required.

The Ti-Pure™ Advantage

Quality Assurance in Product Manufacturing

Chemours has long recognized that manufacturing process control has a direct bearing on the product’s fitness for use. For these reasons, we employ the most sophisticated process control technology available.

Chemours is a pioneer in the use of cumulative sum statistical process control (CUSUM). CUSUM SPC provides fast response for more consistent on-aim operation. Chemours also uses process capability analysis (Cpk and Ppk) and Six Sigma Methodology to drive continuous improvement.

In our laboratories, we measure the Ti-Pure™ TiO₂ performance opposite our understanding of customer needs, determine if product is fit for use and control our manufacturing process. In all laboratory test operations, we employ a rigorous intra-laboratory cross-check program and statistical process control for monitoring methods to ensure the consistency of Ti-Pure™ TiO₂ performance data. Finally, all of our manufacturing sites, customer service operations and supply chain operations maintain quality systems registered to ISO 9001. In this way, the customer is assured of unmatched reliability and consistency regarding titanium dioxide supply.

Product Packaging and Delivery

Ti-Pure™ titanium dioxide dry pigments are available in 25-kg paper bags and 1-tonne flexible intermediate bulk containers. Ti-Pure™ bulk bags, often called semi-bulk containers, are available in one-tonne sizes. In some locations, dry bulk truckload quantities are available. In certain regions of the world, aqueous slurries of several grades of TiO₂ are available via railcar and tank truck. Slurry handling facilities are relatively simple and are frequently justified by system savings achieved. Additional information about TiO₂ slurries and slurry facilities can be obtained by contacting your local Ti-Pure™ sales representative.

Technical Service

In addition to the products and packages we offer, our commitment to customers includes having accessible and knowledgeable sales and technical service representatives to help determine which elements of our offerings best meet your needs. To support your individual formulation needs, our technical service laboratories are fully equipped to assist you (Figure 20).

Samples/Order Placement

Samples of dry and slurry Ti-Pure™ titanium dioxide grades are readily available from and are recommended for your use in product development and testing. To place an order, please contact your local representative.

Ti-Pure™ Titanium Dioxide Products for Coatings



Ti-Pure™ R-900

  • Interior alkyd and latex architectural paints
  • E-coat primer applications
  • Can coatings
  • Appliance coatings
  • Automotive primers

Ti-Pure™ R-960

  • Industrial coatings
  • Industrial original equipment manufacturers (OEM; machinery)
  • Intense color applications
  • Powder coatings

Ti-Pure™ TS-6200

  • Automotive OEM topcoats and refinishes
  • Industrial coatings
  • Aerospace coatings
  • Coil coatings
  • Specialty coatings

Ti-Pure™ TS-6300

  • Interior and exterior architectural paints
  • High-hiding flat paints formulated above critical pigment volume concentration (CPVC)

Ti-Pure™ R-746

  • Gloss and semigloss architectural paints
  • Glossy, durable coating applications

Ti-Pure™ R-706

  • Gloss and semigloss architectural paints
  • Wood coatings
  • Refinish and automotive OEM topcoats
  • Coil coatings

Ti-Pure™ R-741

  • High PVC interior architectural coatings

Ti-Pure™ R-902+

  • Semigloss, eggshell, satin paints
  • Automotive refinish coatings
  • Industrial coatings

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