Ti-Pure™ Solutions for Laminates

Enabling Custom Color and Design for Flooring and Furniture

High-quality titanium dioxide (TiO₂) adds indispensable value to materials used in the manufacture of laminate flooring and furniture, particularly for customers who produce high- and low-pressure decor papers, decorative foils, and print-based applications.

Decor paper producers that sell to laminate producers require:

  • TiO₂ efficiency and quality consistency for optimal performance
  • UV light stability and excellent formation
  • Low basis weight paper to maximize paper strength and evenness
  • Good retention that facilitates high levels of paper runnability and maximizes production time and throughput
  • A blue-white undertone to create a wider range of vibrant colors

Laminate manufactures need papers, foils, and print-based applications that ensure end-use products feature:

  • Good opacity and hiding power
  • Light stability and color retention
  • Post-forming abilities (shaping laminate products into a curved edge)
  • Color uniformity and evenness

Ti-Pure™ High-Quality TiO₂ in Production

Inconsistent TiO₂ yields uneven retention, resulting in color unevenness and clumped deposits. Even when producers add more TiO₂ to compensate, paper strength and runnability decrease. Décor paper makers know that Ti-Pure™ TiO₂ is manufactured to meet all quality and consistency targets, delivering:

Reel-to-reel color consistency
The number-one reason that paper mills lose production time and profitability is a lack of reel-to-reel color consistency. Using the right TiO₂ achieves this color consistency, which reduces production time and increases profit.

Appearance and light stability
TiO₂ pigments help printers achieve the best results by ensuring blue-white undertones that create a wider range of vibrant colors while keeping the image and pattern intact. TiO₂ also enables laminate products to maintain their vibrancy and resist the discoloration caused by light exposure.

Paper strength
Paper impregnators or printers need consistent quality to avoid breaks that slow production. High-quality TiO₂ allows printer to use of a lower base weight paper to achieve more square meters per ton, leading to higher profit margins.

Applications within Laminate Manufacturing

Decor Papers

Low and high pressure décor papers include uni-color and printing base paper. Both require high performance and quality consistency, especially as a variety of applications use printing base paper later in the laminate production process.

Another category—decorative foils—are intermediate-range, used for glue-on application and with 1-2 bar pressure only.

Maximized TiO₂ Efficiency with Ti-Pure™ R-796+

This laminate-grade TiO₂ enhances opacity and color retention. Its surface treatment also makes Ti-Pure™ R-796+ compatible with a wide range of water chemistries. Learn more.