Ti-Pure™ Solutions for Wood and Laminate Furniture

Improving Furniture Quality and Aesthetics

Furniture manufacturers utilize a range of materials—including laminates, PVC for outdoor plastic furniture, and coatings for wood—to achieve the aesthetic and functional performance customers want and need.

Titanium dioxide (TiO₂) adds light stability to finished products, preventing fading from UV exposure, and keeping furniture made of plastic, wood, or laminate looking like new for much longer.

Laminates also improve the function and look of:

  • Worktops, desks, and counters
  • Cabinets
  • Tables
  • Drawers
  • Shelves

Furniture manufacturers looking for a premium laminate finish use high-quality TiO₂ like Ti-Pure™ to provide consistent opacity and color and even dispersion of pigment particles for a beautiful and customizable finish.

Wood furniture requires additional protection to prevent wear and add aesthetic appeal. In these applications, coatings made with high-quality TiO₂ cover more smoothly, adding bright, even colors and lasting high gloss.

Outdoor furniture also requires protection from the elements and sun exposure. PVC furniture made with a high-quality TiO₂ maintains its mechanical integrity and color over its lifetime.

The Ti-Pure™ Solution

Ti-Pure™ solutions for laminate furniture provide:

  • Bluish-white, high brightness with excellent hiding, resulting in even color and formation
  • Excellent UV color-fastness and high color consistency
  • Mechanical strength and internal strength during different lamination processes
  • Good ink absorption

Ti-Pure™ solutions for PVC outdoor furniture provide:

  • UV and heat degradation resistance
  • Ultra-durable performance
  • Neutral undertones to generate long-lasting bright colors

Ti-Pure™ solutions for wood coatings provide:

  • Beautiful color
  • High hiding for complete coverage
  • Excellent gloss