Ti-Pure™ Solutions for Coatings Applications

A Continuing Legacy of Innovation and Quality for Coatings Solutions

Chemours pioneered titanium dioxide (TiO₂) technology for the coatings industry and remains a leader among TiO₂ manufacturers in providing best-in-class product quality, customer service, and production capacity.

This legacy of quality holds true for Ti-Pure™ solutions for coatings, specifically in architectural applications and industrial applications, including original equipment manufacturers (OEM), marine, aerospace, and industrial building. Products with high-quality Ti-Pure™ TiO₂ can boast better durability, protection, and longevity for these applications.

Architectural Applications

Ti-Pure™ is used in interior and exterior architectural coatings. In interior coatings, Ti-Pure™ imparts bright whites and vibrant colors that last over time. It enables the level of gloss that is desirable for any specific interior space, and gives excellent opacity for a coating that covers easily and smoothly.

On exterior walls, architectural coatings made with Ti-Pure™ resist the effects of UV degradation, such as chalking and fading, to maintain a freshly painted look. The desired balance between gloss and tint retention and application space determines which grade to choose.

Industrial Building

Industrial finishes cover a variety of market sub-segments, including automotive, powder, coil, can, and industrial building paints. Each has different quality and performance requirements.

While TiO₂ is primarily used to provide hiding or opacity, grades can also significantly affect coating gloss, exterior durability, and—for acid-catalyzed coatings—film cure. Ti-Pure™ TiO₂ for industrial coatings enables excellent coating durability and enhance the performance of other coating ingredients. The recommended grade depends on the application end uses requirements.

Durable Ti-Pure™ grades are well-suited for a range of industrial applications. The grades’ surface treatment, and particle size distribution determine the performance differences. As with all grades across coatings applications:

  • Silica provides exterior durability, including chalk resistance and gloss retention
  • Alumina provides ease of dispersion and flocculation resistance
  • Smaller particle size and narrower particle size distribution contribute to superior gloss


Ti-Pure™ solutions add batch-to-batch consistency, color stability, and UV protection to the coatings and plastics used in vehicle interiors and exteriors. The white pigment adds durability, weather-resistance, and color opacity to reduce an automobile's wear over time and keep it looking newer for longer.

When used in coatings, Ti-Pure™ TiO₂:

  • Promotes a high-gloss finish
  • Helps with color preservation
  • Protects against damages caused by UV rays

Ti-Pure™ TiO₂ used in plastics adds resistance to fading and helps prevent damage from UV rays.

Ti-Pure™ solutions for coatings include high-performance TiO₂ pigments for aesthetic interior, powder and coil, primer, e-coat, and can coat applications.

Aerospace and Marine

Boats, cruise ships, shipping vessels, rail cars, and airplanes depend on Ti-Pure™ TiO₂ in paints and coatings. Using the correct coating system:

  • Adds protection against corrosive environments to prevent structural deterioration
  • Increases UV resistance to maintain paint's structural integrity
  • Prevents color degradation in exteriors and interiors

Ti-Pure™ Solutions and Applications



Ti-Pure™ R-900

  • Interior alkyd and latex architectural paints
  • E-coat primer applications
  • Can coatings
  • Appliance coatings
  • Automotive primers

Ti-Pure™ R-960

  • Durable industrial coatings
  • Industrial OEM (machinery)
  • Intense color applications
  • Powder coatings

Ti-Pure™ TS-6200

  • Most demanding automotive OEM topcoats and refinishes
  • Durable industrial coatings
  • Aerospace coatings
  • Coil coatings

Ti-Pure™ TS-6300

  • Interior and exterior architectural paints
  • High-hiding flat paints formulated above CPVC

Ti-Pure™ R-746

  • Gloss and semigloss architectural paints
  • Glossy, durable coating applications

Ti-Pure™ R-706

  • Gloss and semigloss architectural paints
  • Wood coatings
  • Refinish and automotive OEM topcoats
  • Coil coatings

Ti-Pure™ R-741

  • High PVC interior architectural coatings

Ti-Pure™ R-902+

  • Semigloss, eggshell, satin paints
  • Automotive refinish coatings
  • General industrial uses like non-durable coil and powder coatings