Customer-Centered Innovation: Driving Plastics Processing Performance While Improving Profits And Ensuring Sustainability

Delivering superior TiO₂ pigment processability with better cost efficiency

In the pursuit of progress, there comes a time when every industry must reassess its approach to innovation. The plastics industry finds itself at this inflection point today.

Addressing the demanding goals of high-performing plastics today while improving profits is not achievable with a simple, one-dimensional approach. To meet the evolving cost, performance, and sustainability needs of modern masterbatchers and plastics producers, a new approach to innovation is required.

At Chemours, we call this holistic, customer-centered innovation, and it is the cornerstone of our product development process. It requires deep customer relationships, an understanding of the downstream value these customers provide, and a willingness to collaborate across the entire value chain – bringing new value to masterbatchers and plastics producers and giving them a competitive edge in the market.

We leveraged this innovation approach to develop Ti-Pure™ TS-1510, a highly efficient rutile TiO₂ pigment designed for processing performance in plastics applications, including polyolefin masterbatch. This grade is so efficient, the enhanced processing performance unlocks an up to 6% lower net carbon footprint from the advanced pigment manufacturing process through masterbatch production when compared to traditional TiO₂ pigments, while improving profits.

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