Ti-Pure™ Solutions for Roofing and Siding

Titanium Dioxide Enhances Materials That Protect Your Home

As new technologies emerge, roofing systems evolve to reduce energy costs associated with cooling buildings and to maintain a consistent, comfortable interior temperature.

Long-lasting roofs and siding are made possible with high-quality titanium dioxide (TiO₂), which helps to increase their aesthetics and function—even in hot, sunny environments.

Roofing Membranes

Plastic roofing membranes are used on large commercial and industrial buildings, providing:

  • Resistance to the effects of outdoor exposure
  • Sunlight reflectivity, lowering building temperatures
  • A long lifespan and return on initial investment

When a white roof membrane includes high-quality TiO₂, building owners benefit from more protected, durable roofs that better resist UV degradation. The membranes also yield energy savings from infrared reflection and can contribute to heat island reduction. The energy savings a building yields from installing white, reflective roofing membranes are significant, as these opaque, reflective coatings can significantly lessen the energy required to cool the building.

Like roofing membranes, roofing shingles manufactured with a high-quality TiO₂ gain maximum reflectivity and protection from deformation. TiO₂ provides durability while helping shingles maintain the mechanical strength to counter brittleness and breakage and withstand extreme temperatures. That protection leads to less maintenance and fewer replacements.

Roof coatings containing high-quality TiO2 better resist the effects of UV exposure, protecting your roof from fading, chalking, or mechanical integrity issues. Coatings enabled by highly durable TiO2 protect metal roofs, which can be significant investments, over their lifetime. White roof coatings can also contribute to reduced energy expenditure. Learn more about Ti-Pure™ solutions for reflective roof paints.


Siding requires UV resistance to protect from fading, unwanted chalking, and deformation. Ti-Pure™ TiO₂ protects siding from UV degradation and reflects infrared to avoid heat damage. Siding made with high-quality TiO₂ is better protected from sun exposure over time, because titanium dioxide provides protection from color fading and warping, while its solar reflectivity keeps the inside of the building cooler.