Ti-Pure™ Coatings for Marine Vessels

Protecting Ships from the Most Challenging Environments

Ships represent a significant investment. Exposing them to unique environmental challenges like salt water and prolonged sun exposure can cause corrosion and structural deterioration. Using the right coatings and materials to protect these assets can lead to longer service life and lower maintenance costs.

The right coatings system protects marine vessels from corrosive environments. A high-quality titanium dioxide (TiO₂) adds excellent UV resistance that helps maintain the paint's structural integrity. Adding a durable TiO₂ pigment in the coating not only protects the paint surface from UV degradation, but also keeps ships looking newer longer.

Titanium dioxide is also a key ingredient in boat wraps, which protect dry-docked ships. Fully opaque wraps/coverings reflect UV light and prevent color degradation of interiors and exteriors.

Ti-Pure™ Solutions

Since durable TiO₂ was introduced to the market, Chemours has continued to improve upon it. Ti-Pure™ R-960 and Ti-Pure™ TS-6200 are recommended for applications requiring exceptional exterior durability. Ti-Pure™ R-105 is recommended for boat wraps, and Ti-Pure™ R-900 works as a primer for many marine applications.

Ti-Pure™ R-960 has over 50 years of proven performance and gives a neutral undertone to industrial coatings. This grade extends the life of outdoor products through its excellent UV reflectivity. Learn more about Ti-Pure™ R-960.

Ti-Pure™ TS-6200 is the next generation of durability for high-performance coatings applications and provides a blue undertone. Its unmatched pigment durability permits a flexible formulation. This flexibility balances resin systems and additives to better meet coating performance requirements. Learn more about TS-6200.