Ti-Pure™ R-104

An Integrated, Compostable Solution for Demanding Applications

Ti-Pure™ R-104 is a rutile titanium dioxide (TiO₂) pigment that is a benchmark grade for film and sheet processing due to its opacity, reliability, and compatibility. This grade is now the only titanium dioxide certified for use in compostable resins by DIN CERTCO, an internationally recognized, independent certification body. DIN CERTCO adheres to EN 13432, a globally preferred standard that defines the requirements necessary for flexible and rigid packaging to be considered compostable.

With this certification, you can be assured of using Ti-Pure™ R-104 as an approved, harmless additive to the composting process.

Features and Benefits

Ti-Pure™ R-104 offers the lacing/high-temperature performance of Ti-Pure™ R-101 combined with the bright blue color of Ti-Pure™ R-103.

Manufactured via a proprietary chloride process, Ti-Pure™ R-104 features:

  • Superior opacification for attractive graphics and print pop
  • Outstanding, reliable dispersion performance that maximizes processing efficiency
  • Excellent lacing resistance that enables downgauging
  • Blue undertone for clean, brighter whites
  • Superior compatibility with polymers to maximize masterbatch loading
  • Certified as harmless to the composting process

Applications for Ti-Pure™ R-104

Ti-Pure™ R-104 is frequently found in:

  • High-quality rigid and flexible packaging for demanding food applications that require uncompromising quality
  • 100% compostable rigid and flexible packaging applications
  • Reflective films for electronic and photovoltaic applications
  • Thermoplastic masterbatches that need high pigment concentrations

For more information, please see the Ti-Pure™ R-104 Product Information sheet and the Ti-Pure™ R-104 brochure.

Packaging and Handling

The packed density of TiO₂ grades directly affects package stacking stability. For recommendations on packaging and handling, please see the safe handling guidelines for FIBCs.