Faster Feeding: Designing TiO₂ with Enhanced Bulk Density to Maximize Feeding Efficiency for Plastics Masterbatchers

How Chemours pursues innovation to address customer needs

To gain an edge in today’s competitive materials market, plastic processors are seeking new ways to lower costs, speed up production, and create sustainability benefits.

Accurate feeding of certain additive materials has long proven to be a challenging aspect of plastics processing. For TiO₂ in particular, the pigment’s low bulk density makes feeding unreliable, labor-intensive, and, at its worst, rate limiting.

With this in mind, Chemours developed Ti-Pure™ TS-1510, a grade designed with enhanced bulk density that leads to best-in-class performance for feeding into plastics processes.

We tested this innovative new grade against similar competing pigments available in the market and identified four key benefits of using Ti-Pure™ TS-1510 in feeding to plastics processes.

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