Ti-Pure™ Solutions for Plastics

Innovating Titanium Dioxide Solutions for High Performing, Visually Appealing Plastics

Since the 1950s, the plastics industry has benefited from high-quality TiO₂ products and services that resolve color, opacity, and weatherability issues. As the plastics industry evolves, Ti-Pure™ TiO₂ continues to enable thinner films, brighter colors, and enhanced reflectivity to meet market needs.

A pioneer of chloride-process titanium dioxide (TiO₂) technology, Chemours is a market-leading supplier with global capacity and reach. Ti-Pure™ TiO2 adds a range of performance benefits to various types of plastic systems, including opacity, UV damage resistance, color retention, gloss, brightness, mechanical strength, and more.

Overview of Common Resin Systems for Plastic Applications

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Grade Selection Guide for Plastics

Polyolefins (Polyethylene and Polypropylene)

With few exceptions, most polyolefin applications involve preparing a TiO2 concentrate by batch or continuous compounding before reducing the concentrate into the finished product. In this regard, ease of dispersion, resistance to yellowing, and optical properties are important performance properties. For thin-film and extrusion coating applications, dispersion performance and resistance to lacing and discoloration at elevated processing temperatures are of major concern.