Ti-Pure™ TS-1510

Driving superior processing performance and sustainability

Ti-Pure™ TS-1510 is a highly efficient rutile titanium dioxide pigment manufactured with a revolutionary processing technology. This grade was designed to significantly enhance the level of processing efficiency in plastics applications including POMB. This grade is so efficient, the enhanced processing performance unlocks up to 6% lower net carbon footprint from the advanced pigment manufacturing process through masterbatch production when compared to traditional TiO₂ pigments while improving profits.

This grade is part of the Ti-Pure™ Sustainability (TS) product series – it boasts a sustainability-driven value proposition and supports our aspiration to become the most sustainable TiO₂ enterprise in the world. Learn more below.

Features and Benefits

Manufactured via a proprietary chloride process, Ti-Pure™ TS-1510 provides a variety of benefits to masterbatchers:

  • Up to 12.5% processing energy reduction for plastic processing which provides cost savings through efficiencies in processing, enabling less energy use
  • Improved line productivity enables up to a 30% increase in compounding, this allows for asset flexibility for increased production and sales or capital avoidance
  • Smaller package size due to higher bulk density means a 50% reduction in package height, reducing storage space and warehouse cost
  • Superior pigment properties provide easier and more complete unloading with faster feed rates
  • Increased flowability drives efficiencies in energy and labor
  • Enhanced handling through low dusting leads to cleaner production areas, minimized pigment loss, and reduces dust collection system maintenance
  • Packaging designed for ease of recycling and reduced material usage

Sustainability Properties

product sustainability designations

This grade is part of our Ti-Pure™ Sustainability (TS) Product Series. It uses a new level of processing efficiency that helps masterbatchers reduce their environmental footprints. This pigment provides improved flowability, line productivity, energy, and labor efficiencies along with low-dusting enabling safer handling.

Applications for Ti-Pure™ TS-1510

Ti-Pure™ TS-1510 is useful for in high-temperature plastics applications with a warm white tone:

  • High-temperature cast and extrusion coating films
  • Extrusion coated paper
  • High-quality color masterbatch for color-match applications

For more information, please see the Ti-Pure™ TS-1510 product information sheet.

Packaging and Handling

The packed density of TiO₂ grades directly affects package stacking stability. For recommendations on packaging and handling, please see the safe handling guidelines for FIBCs.