Ti-Pure™ TiO₂ for Flooring and Fibers for Carpets

Preserving Color. Increasing Durability.

The cost to install carpet or laminate flooring in a home—whether one room or the whole house—adds up quickly. Because of this, customers expect their investment to withstand sunlight, spills, scratches, and other wear resulting from daily living.

Ti-Pure™ titanium dioxide (TiO₂) offers outstanding benefits to improve laminate flooring and carpet fibers.

Laminate Flooring
When sunlight streams in through windows and hits the same spot on floor every day, UV rays and heat can break down materials and cause discoloration.
Ti-Pure™ TiO₂ gives laminate and PVC flooring extra protection from UV and heat degradation to reduce color fading and other appearance changes.

Backing papers and print-base paper formulated with Ti-Pure™ R-796+ increase durability, UV resistance, and colorfastness.

In addition to helping laminate products look newer longer, Ti-Pure™ TiO₂ helps laminate products look better. This is because it:

  • Enables brighter colors and more customizable designs for laminates
  • Provides consistent quality and bright white pigment
  • Offers excellent dispersion

Ti-Pure™ R-796+ is recommended for laminate and vinyl flooring applications because of its excellent light stability, high brightness, and neutral pH.

PVC Flooring

The durability and reflectivity offered by Ti-Pure™ R-105 makes it an an ideal choice for PVC flooring. PVC floors made with Ti-Pure™ TiO₂ maintain a new look despite constant wear and light exposure. This high-quality TiO₂ enables a range of gloss levels and color to achieve a custom look.

Carpet Fibers
TiO₂ is used as a delustering additive for matting and gloss reduction in synthetic fiber production. Different amounts of this produc affect fiber strength and determine the degree of matting. Ti-Pure™ R-104 offers very high whiteness, superior tinting strength, and hiding power.

The Ti-Pure™ Solution

Ti-Pure™ products impart a wide range of valuable properties to carpets, flooring, and PVC.

Find the right Ti-Pure™ product for your needs, and learn how it best fits into your manufacturing process.