Ti-Pure™ Brand Licensing Center

Chemours Brand Licensing: Proven Expertise. Reliable Partnership.

A Symbol of Quality

Chemours has leveraged nearly 90 years of experience in the coatings industry to develop and perfect Ti-Pure™ titanium dioxide (TiO₂).

Ti-Pure™ TiO₂ is engineered to provide the brightest whites, most reliable processability, and most consistent coverage possible. For more information, contact us here.

Ti-Pure™ Quality: Paint That Makes a Difference

The Ti-Pure™ Quality Seal confirms a paint has undergone rigorous testing to ensure it exceeds performance expectations of professional painters and DIY painters alike. Paint that uses Ti-Pure™ TiO₂ benefits from improved properties, including:

  • Appearance: bright colors that offer excellent hiding power
  • Performance: a durable finish that won’t crack or fade over time
  • Ease of Application: fewer drips and brush or roller marks

Ti-Pure™ One Coat: Paint That Covers Completely and Evenly in a Single Coat

Ti-Pure™ One Coat technology allows paint manufacturers to earn a premium for their products. This technology still saves painters time and money because it makes painting fast and easy with one-and-done coverage—and no additional coats or touch ups are needed. Paint with Ti-Pure™ One Coat technology offers:

  • Complete Coverage: with 60% more hiding power than competitive paints
  • Exceptional performance: to paint more space in less time so projects are finished faster
  • High-quality: for a lasting finish that requires less repainting over time

Let's Talk About How We Can Boost Your Bottom Line

Every step of the way, we'll collaborate with you to:

  • Assess current quality and market needs
  • Create premium products
  • Align on strategy and positioning goals
  • Develop a promotional plan
  • Launch your paint featuring one of our brand seals

A Symbol of Quality

Paints stamped with the Ti-Pure™ seal are recognized for their high quality, which empowers you to:

  • Command a premium price
  • Extend the life of an established product
  • Introduce a new product in an established market
  • Build credibility, brand loyalty, and establish trust
  • Enhance memorability with customers and simplify the buying process

Support. Collaboration. Partnership

We support our partners with:

  • High-quality ingredients that create high-quality finished products
  • Dedicated technical support to develop products that win the marketplace
  • Early access to new offering development projects
  • Marketing and promotional support, including social media content, digital ads, videos, in-store and point-of-sale materials, events, training, and more

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