Meeting Future Coatings Regulatory Demands Through Innovative TiO₂ Product Design

Taking proactive steps to address future regulations

Consumers today are demanding more details about the safety and sustainability of the products used in their homes than ever before. As a result, new regulations and requirements for ecolabel compliance are emerging.

Some of these potential new demands from regulators involve removing Trimethylolpropane (TMP), a common surface treatment for TiO₂, from product formulations. Doing so in a way that meets consumers’ desire for more sustainable products will require an innovative approach to TiO₂ product design. At Chemours, we’re answering these calls with the introduction of Ti-Pure™ TS-6700, a high-performance, TMP- and TME- free TiO₂ grade designed for waterborne architectural coatings applications. TME (Trimethylolethane) is a similar chemical to TMP and may also have regulatory hurdles to overcome. Ti-Pure™ TS-6700 was designed to meet current and anticipated regulatory demands.

In addition to creating a product without the use of TMP or TME, our goal in designing Ti-Pure™ TS-6700 was to make an excellent opacity, high gloss, and highly durable grade in a sustainable way to meet our own as well as our customers’ sustainability goals. Additionally, this grade was made with 100% renewable electricity and is easy to drop-in and use.

Download our latest whitepaper to see how you can use this TMP- and TME-free grade without sacrificing performance.