Ti-Pure™ TS-4657

Enabling Chloride Grade Brightness, Whiteness, and Opacity with Low Abrasion

Ti-Pure™ TS-4657 is a rutile titanium dioxide pigment, manufactured by the chloride process. Compared to sulfate processed grades, it is a brighter and whiter pigment--providing excellent opacity and color retention--that still maintains a low abrasion level and is a viable alternative to sulfate offerings. It can also be blended for long print runs or applications that are very sensitive to abrasion.

Other key benefits TS-4657 delivers include:

  • Broader range of colors
  • Excellent dispersion
  • Higher opacity and thinner film, when formulated to equal whiteness
  • Consistent high-quality, due to continuous processing
  • Ability to use less TiO₂ and save on costs, when formulated to whiteness and opacity

Applications for Ti-Pure™ TS-4657

  • Flexographic, digital, and gravure printing
  • Labels and packaging
  • Water and solvent based inks

Available worldwide through convenient channels

Ti-Pure™ TS-4657 is produced around the globe and is offered at a competitive price worldwide. This new offering helps customers diversify their supply chain and ensure a reliable supply of TiO₂, so their growth doesn't have to be compromised.

Customers can purchase Ti-Pure™ TS-4657 through a contract with Chemours, online on our Ti-Pure™ Flex portal with no contract, or through our network of trusted distribution partners.