Uncovering a Critical Missing Piece of the Coatings Durability Equation

How formulators can maximize paint durability by better understanding the effects of TiO₂ dispersion and photoactivity

Maximizing a coating’s durability is a complex equation that must account for multiple factors. Making matters even more challenging is the fact that formulators have been missing a critical piece of information about how titanium dioxide (TiO₂) can influence durability—until now.

TiO₂, a critical component of high-quality, highly protective coatings, is known to have several effects on paint durability that must be considered by formulators. However, there has been limited information available that separates the effect of TiO₂ dispersion on paint durability from the effect of TiO₂ photocatalytic activity.

To close this information gap, we conducted an experiment to shine a light on this process and uncover exactly how the degree of TiO₂ dispersion can affect color stability, a critical aspect of a coating’s durability.

The results might surprise you. Download our most recent article to learn more about this relationship and how it impacts paint durability.