How TiO₂ Innovation Can Advance Worldwide Plastic Sustainability

Outlining three ways high-quality titanium dioxide can drive the plastics industry into a more sustainable future

The plastics industry is set for a dynamic transformation in how it serves applications, produces, designs, and manages plastic materials, particularly at end of life.

New innovations will pave the way to reducing plastic waste, enhancing circularity, and achieving advancements in the industry’s sustainability. As one of the world's largest manufacturers of TiO₂ with an aspiration to be the world’s most sustainable TiO₂ enterprise, we at Chemours see several impactful opportunities for TiO₂ innovations to help the industry reduce the burden of plastic waste and evolve into a circular economy.

In this whitepaper, Chemours experts outline three ways these innovations will support the move toward a more sustainable world and lessen the footprint of plastic materials.

Download this whitepaper to learn more.