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Debunking Conventional Wisdom: How High-Quality TiO₂ Actually Reduces Overall Paint Costs

Contrary to what many have been told, high-quality TiO₂’s impact on overall paint costs is more nuanced than you’d think.

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Thinking outside the can: Taking a holistic approach to measuring a coatings’ total carbon footprint

Shifting the formulator’s focus from product to system

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TiO₂: Critical for Producing Super Durable Coatings in Today’s High-Pressure Market

Formulators creating durable coatings for industrial applications are under more pressure than ever before.

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4 Questions to Ask Your TiO₂ Supplier

These are traits you should consider when choosing a titanium dioxide supplier.

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4 Questions to Ask Your TiO₂ Provider To Mitigate Supply Chain Uncertainty

Download this whitepaper to uncover the four questions.

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Influence of Paint Quality on the Environment

How paints with highly treated grades of TiO₂ can have lower cradle-to-grave carbon footprint

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Top Trends in the Plastics Industry Stemming from Global Megatrends

Learn about new trends shaping the plastics industry and how titanium dioxide plays a role.

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Three Coatings Industry Trends to Watch

Learn about new trends shaping the coatings industry and how titanium dioxide plays a role.

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Evaluating Paint Weatherability: What Your Durability Tests Aren't Telling You

Discover the impact of test methods and pigment selection on paint weatherability.

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Your Guide to Titanium Dioxide in Coatings

Chemours processes the highest quality, industry-leading Ti-Pure™ TiO₂.