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Three Coatings Industry Trends to Watch

Learn about new trends shaping the coatings industry and how titanium dioxide plays a role.

Polymers, Light, and the science of TiO₂

TiO₂ is a multifaceted material when used in polymer applications. It has been long established as the leading white pigment, and this is the application that people are most familiar with.

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Thinking outside the can: Taking a holistic approach to measuring a coatings’ total carbon footprint

Shifting the formulator’s focus from product to system

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4 Questions to Ask Your TiO₂ Provider To Mitigate Supply Chain Uncertainty

Download this whitepaper to uncover the four questions.

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Debunking Conventional Wisdom: How High-Quality TiO₂ Actually Reduces Overall Paint Costs

Contrary to what many have been told, high-quality TiO₂’s impact on overall paint costs is more nuanced than you’d think.


Four Things You Need to Know About Ore & TiO₂

Understanding factors that affect supply reliability and what it means for your business

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Not All TiO₂ is Created Equally

Chemours processes the highest quality, industry-leading Ti-Pure™ TiO₂.


5 Things You Need To Know About The European Unions Latest TiO₂ Regulatory Updates

Working within a global market requires global responsibility.

What are you made of

Choosing the right titanium dioxide to enable the durability performance of other coating components

Ti-Pure™ TS-6200 for High Performance Exterior Coatings

Ti-Pure™ TS-6200 Titanium Dioxide is specifically designed for applications demanding high initial haze-free gloss and a high degree of gloss and tint retention over the life of the coating.