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Meet Flex.

The TiO₂ buying experience you should expect.

Take Control with Ti-Pure™ Flex

The titanium dioxide market is dynamic and buying TiO₂ for your business can sometimes feel frustrating. Wouldn’t it be nice if a supplier made the buying experience easier? If they provided more visibility, empowering you to better execute your business plan? And what if you could easily order online without a contract?

Ti-Pure™ Flex is the only eCommerce TiO₂ solution in the industry, providing you with convenient and truly unique benefits:

  • View market-based pricing with up to 6-month lead times
  • Place orders online without contracts or long-term commitments
  • Get answers quickly with online chat
  • Make order modifications online
  • Review order history and download documents
  • Enjoy the benefits of Ti-Pure™ Flex Rewards

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Empowering TiO₂ Buyers

The Ti-Pure™ brand strives to empower TiO buyers by giving them the insight they need to do better business. It's important for buyers to know what they should expect from their TiO₂ supplier.